Embracing Your Voice? Season 1 Wrap Up

Thank you all for joining me for the inaugural season of the Embracing Your Voice podcast! And if you haven’t listened to all the episodes yet, you can start here.

There was always something missing in the many conferences, summits, talks, and shows on the experience of ambitious women navigating life and the workplace. And what I realized was often the experience of women of color and those who have other marginalized identities.

For me, I cannot talk about building a career, work-life balance, the wage gap, entrepreneurship, promotions in the workplace, paid leave, and what it looks like to “lean in”, without considering how race impacts that and I wanted a space to talk about that so Embracing Your Voice, the podcast was born: an intentional space for ambitious women of color who want to create a life and career that taps into their expertise, talent and passion while being unapologetically themselves.

Below are some key points shared through Season 1 either by me or guests.
My hope is that you’ll find something that is helpful to you and moves you toward your own goals.

Episode 1

I kickoff the reason for this podcast by talking a little bit more about me and my personal and professional journey and some of the lessons

Episode 2

Minda affirms that no matter what opportunities or income the job you have may give you, no amount of abuse or harassment in the workplace (especially when it affects your mental health) is worth it. Minda said her advice especially for women of color is: “yes you belong in every room, but maybe that room isn’t the right one for you”.

If you have dealt with traumatic experiences in the workplace and are still in recovery from that experience, check out Episode 2 for more gems from Minda

Episode 3

Organizational Development Consultant and Founder of Trailblazing in Color, Sarah Chapman Bacerra and I shared experiences about being the “first/only” in the workplace. Sarah talked about the importance of rejecting tokenism that can come with being the “first/only” and how leading with authenticity (which includes the many ways you identify) can help you not only make the workplace positive for others, but can help you find community. Sarah also says how authentic you decide to be, may sometimes mean, leaving a job or career behind. So be prepared for that.

If you are in a position in your career where you are the “first/only” and are trying to figure out how to best show up check out Episode 3 for my conversation with Sarah

Episode 4

Ever unexpectedly lose out on what you thought was your dream job or a major professional opportunity? We discuss that in episode 4 I with my friend, media maven, and podcast host extraordinaire, Danielle Moodie. We discuss her journey into being the host (or co-host) of three successful major podcasts (including one with Daily Beast) and how she she got that after starting a career in education policy. An unexpected set back in her goals from which she pivoted opened the door to other opportunities, she might not have otherwise considered.

If you are trying to figure out next steps when things don’t go as planned, take a listen to my conversation with Danielle!

Episode 5

Ever heard that word “culture fit” at your workplace and wondered what the heck it means? And who is it for? DEI Coach and Trainer, and two time entrepreneur Chrysta Wilson talks about how her experience as a Black woman not being supported in the workplace led her to found her own boutique agency that works with clients to provide truly inclsuive and equitable workplaces. She also puts on her DEI coach and trainer hat and gives us the skinny on what the employer means when they talk about “culture fit” and you fitting into the workplace culture.

If you want to learn more about why “culture fit” is actually often used to exclude those who challenge the status quo or hold marginalized identities and how to build truly equitable inclusive workplaces, check out this conversation I had with fellow business owner Chrysta Wilson

Episode 6

In episode 6, I share three lessons I’ve learned from two accomplished women of color Beyoncé Knowles Carter and Actor Lily Gladstone (award winning actor and start of Martin Scorcese’s Killers of the Flower Moon)

For me, I have found it helpful through the course of my life and career to look at the examples of people I admire navigate things in life.

And the lessons I learned from Beyonce and Lily are  

one: understanding that being excellent in what you do doesn’t guarantee success/ major wins

two, that winning accolades doesn’t always equal the opportunities you expect,

three how embracing who you are can open doors for you in unexpected way.

If you want to run back through those lessons in depth, or if you haven’t gotten to that episode yet, flip to Episode 6.

Episode 7

Ever been to a conference focused on women’s professional development that also talks about “imposter syndrome” and how we can solve it.

Well writer and speaker Jodi Ann Burey co-authored a viral Harvard Business Review Article that tells workplaces to stop telling women they have imposter syndrome and why they should.  

We also talk about the reality of authenticity being more complex for women especially women of color and folks of marginalized identities. Jodi-Ann says that being authentic is not a binary and can be a trap.

If you are curious about this perspective, have battled with imposter syndrome, and wonder why that’s not on you? Listen to the great conversation I have with Jodi-Ann.

Episode 8

Ever ended up at your dream job and it kind of ends up not what you thought it would be full of discriminatory behavior at the workplace? Or you have a manager that goes out of their way to lmite your success?

Me and my old college buddy Anushay Hossain discuss how she went from what she thought was her dream job as a non profit manager to being a full time writer and speaker.

Anushay talks about how being your advocate and believing in yourself is key to pivoting to what is meant for you. We also discuss some of the other lessons she learned along the way, so if you haven’t, take a listen or re-listen through her episode again.

Episode 9

Beyoncé’s Act II album entitled Cowboy Carter has dropped. In this episode, I talk about (aside from the innovative tunes and lyrics) the lessons the album imparts on the importance of owning your narrative and resisting the limitations put on us by others.

Episode 10

Ever had to deal with Human Resources at your job to deal with workplace issues you’ve encountered? Is it actually helpful or no?

I discuss this with accomplished HR professional and Founder of Caged Bird HR, Cierra Gross, we talk about what workplace human resources can actually do for employees and what you should expect when utilizing human resources.

Cierra started Caged Bird HR, an independent HR company, advising employees of their rights at their job, if you or someone you know\ could benefit from listening to Cierra’s episode or her company’s services. Check out episode 10.

Episode 11

Sometimes what you want to doesn’t really exist in the form of an existing job, you have to create space for yourself.

This is the discussion I have with fellow entrepreneur and former corporate America exec Carissa Begonia who talks about her transition from working in the fashion business to becoming a full time entrepreneur.

We talked about:

if entrepreneurship can be a path to equity for those of us who don’t want to be in the workplace and take a traditional W2.

How knowing this one particular thing about yourself will help you embracing your own voice

Episode 12

In which I close out the first season and go into a little more detail about some of the gems I covered in the prior 11 episodes and where you can learn more from each of our guests.

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Season 2 is now LIVE. Check it out!


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